Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Socialism and capitalism, death penalty, NRA, U.S. spending


I want to explain the difference between socialism and capitalism, as many people don’t seem to know it. As a matter of philosophy and theory it all comes down to the question of who controls the means of production (hereafter MOP), meaning the farms, factories and so forth which grow the food we eat and make the things we use.

The basic idea of socialism is that the MOP belong to society. Society yields socialism. Of course, in practice, the only official spokesman for “society” is government, so in some sense it controls the MOP.

The basic idea of capitalism is that the MOP belong to the people (individuals or groups) whose capital investments build those factories, develop those farms, etc. Capital investments yield capitalism.

Capitalism arises whenever two conditions prevail: individual economic freedom and reasonably secure property rights. When people make their own economic choices, some people will spend where others save. Those who save can accumulate the funds to make capital investments. Those who do expect a return on their investments, and with secure property rights their wealth may grow. Inequality also grows, by free people making different choices. Socialist “equality” requires government force to exist.

Kenneth Ballard, Boise

Death penalty

I want the death penalty for the devil who stabbed and killed little Ruya Kadir at her birthday party.

James W. Gavett, Kuna


It is a puzzle to me that the NRA hired a convicted felon and liar to run their organization. Also a puzzle that the state Republican Party stands and applauds Mr. North, who clearly betrayed the country, the duly elected Congress, and lied about it. How do you respect a man who fails to respect his own oath to protect the Constitution? He’s lucky he didn’t treat his email carelessly. That would be a real crime.

Kevin Geraghty, Boise

U.S. spending

The billions of dollars spent on the F-35 aircraft could have been better spent on education. The F-35 is a poorly designed aircraft with no mission. It is hard to fly and is a flying bomb. The A-10 is our round support aircraft and none better in the world.

The $3 trillion spent on the never-ending, unwinnable war in the Middle East would have provided a lot of health care. Instead, it has funded the destruction of many of our young men and women, and countless families, plus hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians.

The tax benefits recently given to the one percent and Corporate America would have been a good start to a one-payer health care system.

Education and health care are human rights and are the best investments a country can make.

An older person should not lose their house paying for one operation.

A young person should not come out of college with a huge debt.

Odos Lowery, Boise