Letters to the Editor

Republicans, JUMP

Idaho GOP

Single mothers in Idaho, last in the nation as wage earners. Hurrah. Idaho men, 46th nationally as wage earners. Yippee. Tens of thousands of Idahoans with no access to health care. Fantastic. Idaho, 49th in the nation for spending on education. Bonus. These and other fun facts are brought to you by the Republican Party.

Don’t vote for a Democrat, they will take your guns away.

GOP fiscal responsibility. Really? Where is the $50-plus million that Tom Luna lost? Perhaps the tentacles of greed among friends portioned it out. I will guarantee you that had Cecil Andrus been governor, all of that money would have been recovered.

Don’t vote for a Democrat, they will take your guns away.

Since the last election I have wondered, how did the GOP become a party of hatred, racism and vile meanness? Perhaps a quote from former President Eisenhower can help you see more clearly, “I tell you this: You do not lead by hitting people over the head. Any damn fool can do that, but it’s usually called assault, not leadership. Leadership is persuasion, and conciliation, and education, and patience.”

Learn to care, learn to love.

Paul Schooley, Boise


Congratulations to Jack’s Urban Meeting Place (JUMP) for being honored as the best overall project of 2018 by the city of Boise and the Building Owners and Managers Association of Idaho in their building excellence competition.

It is wonderful to have this innovative, world-class creative center/gathering place in our community.

David Anthony Cuoio, Boise