Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Rents, taking a knee, voting, immigration

Rental market

In response to John Hensley Sr. letter on June 18, I am in the same position. I am on a fixed income and have lived in this place for 13 years. I have always paid my rent on time and have done things to help out around the property.

The landlord called and said he was sorry but he has to raise the rent $400. He is not making money and the market value demands an increase. He is giving me time to look for a new place. However, I am being priced out of the rental market. I can’t afford to stay and I can’t afford to move.

Nancy Damele, Boise

Taking a knee

I’m responding to Alston Jones’ June 20 letter to the editor. Mr. Jones, I am a very proud “American” despite President Trump. At one time I had six uncles, my dad and two cousins in Vietnam at the same time. I had two uncles come home and slowly die from the chemicals our government constantly dropped from airplanes. Many of my friends left for war and never returned. I have no respect for anyone who doesn’t stand and honor that flag every time it is raised and the anthem is played. People died to give us the right of expression. People should use a better way than to disrespect our flag. I was out against this kneeling long before President Trump opened his obnoxious mouth. Kaepernick is not in the NFL because he wants too much money to be a back-up. Last year I refused to watch a game where any player took a knee. This year I will do the same. When people stop watching and buying the products sold by the NFL in protest, we’ll see how long these athletes get millions of dollars to play a game while these kids get paid squat, mangled and killed to give them the right to kneel.

Dave Maynard, Boise

GOP hates us

Let’s try a little common sense. This year let’s try something revolutionary, let’s cast our vote not by habit but for people who care about us.

Think back nine years to a time when the Democrats were in office. The first thing they did was to work with the GOP to save our country from financial ruin resulting from GOP financial deregulation. Second, the Democrats set an agenda to provide the citizens of our country with affordable health care so critically needed by many in our county. The GOP said it would bankrupt our country and raise the national debt, effectively destroying our country.

Now fast-forward to the present, the first two things the GOP did was to try to destroy the health care benefits of millions of Americans by gutting the Affordable Care Act, saying it was fiscally unsound and too expensive. Rather than fixing the problems with the ACA, they decided to throw us in the trash. The second initiative was a to raise the national debt by a trillion dollars, giving the rich a tax break that we have to pay for.

I don’t get it. Why would we vote for the GOP? They hate us.

Louis DeWitt, Eagle

Migrant families

I am very worried as to what is happening in our country and Congress in general, but the mistreatment of people on our southern border is most perplexing, shameful and embarrassing. Why are they so secretive about where the infants and young girls are? Why are we slamming the door in the faces of people running for their lives? We have many agriculture jobs that need to be filled, let’s put these people to work and let them contribute to our economy. It has to be very costly to be building places to keep them, feed them and care for them. I can’t get the answers from my senators and representative. Phone calls and emails fall on deaf ears. How do they sleep at night? Please, America, we are so much better that this.

Hazel Stevens, Caldwell