Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Council resolution, government, drivers

City Council resolution

Regarding the recently passed resolution on separating children.

I think the council and President McLean do an injustice by identifying this issue as being relevant only to refugees and immigrants. The push-back against this policy must come from our assertion of core American values. These values include, for example, the prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment. Our country holds dear this tenet. And not just for U.S. citizens. We hold that this value is applicable to everyone: citizen, resident or even foreign guests residing abroad in their homelands.

We stand for a unique set of values, for our assertion that people have inalienable rights. These rights are proclaimed by our Founders as unique American beliefs and creeds. Yet, over the decades and centuries, we as a people have boldly stated that these values are universal. Amen. Amen. Amen.

Michael Jose Alvarado, Boise

Federal government

Our central government has been overstepping the powers granted it by our Constitution for decades.

The feds have no control over personal gun ownership. The Second Amendment assures that a state’s citizen soldiers (militia) can arm itself to keep the people free.

The powers reserved for the states by the 10th Amendment leave guns, marijuana, gambling, birth control, assisted suicide, marriage, health care, alcohol, speed limits and many other issues totally up to the individual states to control as their citizens see fit.

All we need the central government for is national defense, which includes secure borders. The feds need to be downsized. They need some serious overhead reduction. The FBI (domestic) and the CIA (foreign) are enough. The rest can go. The Pentagon can become a unigon. Let’s consolidate.

Get rid of transportation, education, health and welfare, etc. Every state has its own.

Send all your taxes to your state of residence. After review, the states can pay the feds to finance what they see fit.

Send Congress home. They might be more productive surrounded by their constituents.

Kirk Charlson, Boise

Thoughtless driver

Dear lady in traffic the morning of June 26:

When I drove 20 mph on Maple Grove between Ustick and Fairview in front of you thats morning, I did it because the dozen or so signs that said “loose gravel — 20 mph” told me to. The inch or so of loose gravel on the road was my second clue. I did this to protect your windshield, not to inconvenience you. The road opened up to two lanes about 100 yards before the stoplight and you raced around me and cut back in front of me, spraying my windshield with gravel. Is this your way of saying thank you? Wasn’t sure, so thought I’d ask.

Meg Donahue, Boise