Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Ideological labeling, Trump, Boise stadium, Paulette Jordan

Ideological labeling

If you read today’s news carefully, you’ll notice that conservative groups or individuals are often identified as “right wing” (or my personal favorite “far-right”) yet you’ll seldom, if ever, see leftist groups identified as “left wing.”

Why does this matter? Because these labels indicate to the reader that the group or individual has an ideological ax to grind. They have an agenda, which means they aren’t a truly objective source.

Failure to use these labels is a tacit suggestion that they are nonpartisan and have no agenda to promote. So by default, their point of view is more apt to be mainstream and objective.

Using labels primarily against right-leaning people or groups and not left-leaning people or groups is a more subtle, understated form of media bias, but it’s still bias.

The very act of labeling is subjective, making it prone to the writer’s personal biases. Is the Southern Poverty Law Center “left wing?” I think it is. Others may not.

I suggest the news media put the ideological labeling on the ol’ scrap heap and take a torch to it, and that right soon.

Phil Bridges, Nampa

Donald Trump

We currently have a completely corrupt and woefully incompetent man who happens to be our president. He admires tyrants, criminals and dictators and tries to normalize his attempts to placate and pattern his behavior after such men. It does matter who represents our country and it does matter that we seem to be increasingly isolated on the world stage, alienating our allies and making overtures to our enemies. Our diligent Justice Department, who are investigating and attempting to hold accountable the many players in this scenario who are routinely breaking the laws of our country, need to be able to do their job without the interference of the corrupt and politically motivated members of Congress.

If the rule of law, which applies to every American, does not prevail, then we have failed. The only guarantee of our freedoms that we so often take for granted, are the checks and balances that oversee our governing process. Without this, we have no democracy.

Shannon Jones, Nampa

Stadium proposal

Regarding the stadium proposal: Bad idea. Not only are politicians considering a stadium in a poor location, but now a 300-unit apartment and large office building is being added . This will mean some 700+ more people in that area, plus all the traffic and congestion from a stadium and offices. The 700-stall parking will not even be enough. Not only that, but there is another apartment building going up at 15th and River. There is an off ramp from the freeway there and all these factors added together make for a ridiculous plan and public safety issue.

Councilman Scot Ludwig and his downtown project in my opinion is a conflict of interest — on council and getting his project OK’d. Is someone in politics benefiting from the stadium proposal being pushed so hard by politicians.

To have that much density in that small area is ridiculous. There are already numerous apartments and those people are against the stadium in their backyard. Why in the world would the developer add more apartments? Oh, that would mean more money for him. The developer is not from here, so he is not concerned about creating a mess.

Cheryl Lomax, Boise

Thank you

To gubernatorial candidate Paulette Jordan: Thank you for supporting the LGBT community by participating in the Saturday, June 16, Pride March. That demonstrated to me that as governor you would support all of Idaho’s citizens.

I looked for Brad Little, but did not see him or any of his representatives. I take that to mean that he would only support Idaho citizens whose beliefs are exactly the same as his.

Too bad, Brad — diversity, tolerance and acceptance strengthens our communities, helps ensure the health and safety of our citizens, improves our state’s economy by appealing to a broader spectrum of well-educated, taxpaying workers, and overall makes Boise and Idaho a better and more interesting place to live. That’s the Idaho I will be supporting in November.

Marie Beall, Boise