Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Garden City, Scot Ludwig, America

Garden City

Statesman reporter Sven Berg provided a welcome update on the change of course for a recent proposal for apartment-style condominiums in Garden City’s Waterfront District. I recently submitted a letter to this respected journal encouraging developers to take the “pulse” of a community preliminary to and during the permitting process — even if a project might be permissible under local codes, does not mean the community will support it or that it is the right direction as a matter of public policy. Elected leaders in the communities express the voices of our neighbors and we office-holders need to help ensure our newest development projects reflect the directions that our communities want — painful to be sure, but this is the blessing and curse of representative democracy. So, bravo to McCall-based Energreen Development Co., which held a “good-neighbor” meeting with Waterfront District neighbors and discovered its project did not fit with the local vision for Waterfront District or Garden City. Regretfully, the experience felt “brutal,” but Energreen’s ethical approach to development will go a long way to ensure that this developer’s future projects get a fair assessment the next go ’round, as Garden City continues to bloom.

William G. Mitchell, Garden City council member, Garden City

Scot Ludwig

Those of us living in Boise are extremely fortunate Scot Ludwig is willing to enter public service as one of our City Council members. This is true despite the accusatory and suggestive front-page headline in the June 12 Statesman.

Scot brings a valuable diverse perspective to city government as a parent, entrepreneur, attorney and successful community investor. Councilman Ludwig’s exceptionally thoughtful, informed and transparent deliberations greatly enhance the important work of Boise City.

Scot Ludwig is the epitome of a dedicated and principled public servant.

Phil Reberger, Boise

Are we better?

Trump has finally bowed to pressure and stopped the inhumane separation of parents and children seeking asylum at our borders. The outcries that we are better than this, from the general public, gave me pause. Are we really better than this? Look at our history. First we took land from Native Americans and put them on reservations. Then we brought in slaves from Africa. We put Japanese Americans in internment camps during World War II. We turned away thousand of Jews, seeking asylum from Nazi Germany, and sent them back to the death camps. African Americans are still mistreated, and imprisoned for minor crimes at a much higher rates than whites. Neo-Nazis march in our streets and the commander and chief sees “good people” marching in their ranks. We elected a president (although not by the popular vote) who is sexist, racist, etc., and lies to the American people nonstop. He has alienated our allies and is cozying up to dictators. The cries that we are the best country in the world just don’t seem to ring true. Let’s change our ways and prove that we are better than this.

Michal Voloshen, Boise