Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Jordan, Mueller, two-party system, education

Paulette Jordan

Is Idaho’s Democratic Party as excited about Paulette Jordan for governor as I am? If so, they’re hiding it.

Jordan deserves all Idahoans’ support, not because she’s a Native American woman — the national press can dote on that — but because she’ll confront Idaho’s problems. She’ll strengthen public education with preschool, better teacher pay, affordable college; improve health care with expanded Medicaid, a medical school; protect public lands, keeping them public, cleaning up pollution, mitigating climate change consequences; improve our economy by investing in clean energy, tourism, public transportation, expanded internet.

Starting with Idahoans most in need, Idaho needs Paulette Jordan.

Steven Csik, Boise

Mueller investigation

Perhaps it is time to end the Mueller investigation. After all, the charge given to Mr. Mueller was not to investigate collusion between the president and Russia. Neither “collusion” nor Donald Trump as an individual are even mentioned in the charge given to the independent counsel.

Already the 22 indictments, five guilty pleas and the now established ties between Russia and the campaign’s biggest contributor (the NRA) demonstrate that there was involvement by a foreign government actively working with the campaign to influence the elections. Good job. Mr. Mueller, perhaps your work is done.

Of course, this now well-documented disgraceful state of affairs (even without addressing the question of “collusion” by Mr. Trump himself) would leave anyone with an ounce of integrity and true patriotism no option but to resign the office he is so indebted to the Russians for.

Brent Marchbanks, Boise

Two-party system

The recent elections and a heated atmosphere present among the American populace has convinced me of George Washington’s wisdom in warning against a two-party system. The practice, initiated in the United States by Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton, have forced upon successive generations a divided culture. People grow up just waiting to pick a side, and I feel that that is a shame.

As a 17-year-old, I will vote in the near future. However, I am not excited to. People may call the two-party system a necessity of our democratic republic in practice. I call it a scourge on the country. I will soon be forced to pick one of two sides, each with their package deals of beliefs and ideals, or suffer the path of an independent — that portion of the citizenry which is looked down upon as spineless. Whatever happened to electing people based on character and vision, rather than party affiliation?

Matthew McMurray, Boise

Fund education, not prisons

Five hundred million dollars for more prisons. I have another idea. Spend $100 million for modern rehab facilities and intelligent wellness programs, and $400 million for schools, education and vocational skills training. I propose parole of all prisoners whose only crime is self harm. Fifty percent of our prisons are filled with drug offenders. Idaho schools regularly come in near last in national ratings. It’s easier to lock them up than have to think about why they are there, or how to enact creative measures to deal with bent and broken lives. Some new ideas and approaches to our societal woes are sorely needed in this state. The archaic plan of building more cells to stick people in who need help only accentuates the backward and short-sighted thinking of our current “Idaho officials.”

Randy Meenach, Boise