Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Trump, wilderness and the Mideast

Donald Trump

“Make America Great Again” will be an apt slogan for any presidential candidate, of either party, who comes after Mr. Trump. It did not apply in 2016, but will certainly apply in 2020 and (heaven forbid) 2024. We have lost our way as a beacon of decency, democracy and distinguished world leadership. We are no longer great.

Bill McDonald, Boise

Donald Trump

So, Roy Lunsford, and many, many others that send in letters, think that the only accomplishment Trump had had in the past 17 months is lying, lying and more lying.

Personally, like many others, I held my nose and voted for ABH (Anyone But Hillary), but I must admit I’ve been very pleasantly surprised with his results thus far. Am I happy with his manners? Hardly, but we just had eight years of a president with impeccable manners that accomplished little to nothing worth talking about, so I’m keeping an open mind.

I wonder how Roy and the other members of his echo chamber will react should Trump be instrumental in ending the Korean War and/or denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula? No doubt, in the mind of the left, it will be because China took the reins and averted Trump’s nuclear destruction of the world.

The problem with their premise is that thinking people remember when they said the same about Reagan.

Rod Wallace, Boise


From May 19 to present date, 1.6 million acres of the Frank Church Wilderness has been inaccessible to all stock users due to a rock slide on Camas Creek trail. This trail is the only main line year-round access into the Middle Fork.

Last year the Forest Service acquired a $90,000 grant, crews did a good job repairing the trail, clearing slides, brushing, retreading and logging out. The recent slide nullifies all that hard work. The proposed reroute is not acceptable. Vehicle access is rough and narrow, no parking at the trail head for horse trailers, little to no decent pull-outs for two way traffic along a high mountain pass. The reroute by trail to get past the slide is approximately 23 miles of reroute for 40 feet of trail that slid because of blasting by the Forest Service. The Yellow Jacket Trail was not designed and has not been maintained for long pack strings or heavy stock use, and deemed by the ranger for experienced riders only. This is not a humane way to treat our stock. The delay in fixing the trail in a timely manner shows a lack of regard and discrimination towards all forest user groups.

Ron Ens, Challis


I am at a loss for words to describe my feelings and thoughts about the murder of Palestinian medic Razan Al-Najjar, age 21, when she was gunned down by an Israeli military sniper on June 1.

Razan devoted her young life to saving people. She studied nursing but was unable to complete her degree, so she became a volunteer paramedic. At the time of her killing, she was wearing first responder clothing, signifying that she was providing medical assistance to injured Palestinians.

Since protests began along the border between Gaza and Israel in March, Israeli soldiers have killed at least 119 people, including 14 children. More than 13,000 have been wounded. Hospitals in Gaza are overwhelmed. Limbs have to be amputated. People die because there are not enough staff, facilities or supplies to treat them.

The Idaho Statesman does a good job of reporting when one Israeli is killed or wounded by a Palestinian. Only a few media outlets have the courage to call out the brutality and repression by the Israeli government against the Palestinian people. Let’s see if the Statesman has the courage to publish this letter.

Gail Chandler Hawkins, Boise