Letters to the Editor

Stilton letter: Cars and guns

Operating a car versus owning a gun.

Under 18 requirements to drive in Idaho:

1. Obtain Supervised Instruction Permit (SIP). All required: Proof of Idaho residency, proof of legal presence in U.S., proof of age/ID such as certified birth certificate, Social Security card, proof of school enrollment, photo ID such as passport or current school ID card.

2. Complete Driver’s Ed course (fee as needed): Course must include a classroom and in-car component, consisting of at least 30 hours of classroom instruction, six hours of behind-the-wheel training, six hours of in-car observation.

3. Log at least 50 hours driving practice, including at least 10 at night.

4. Apply for Provisional Driver’s License (permit first held at least six months): Pass written test, pass driving test in vehicle that is working, registered and has proof of insurance, no traffic violations prior six months, pass vision test, take photo, pay fee.

5. At 18, you can obtain a full driver’s license.

Under 18 requirements to purchase a gun in Idaho.

1. Answer questions on form 4473 at gun shop. SSN “optional.”

2. Provide a photo ID.

3. Have parent’s written consent allowing you to purchase a gun.

4. Background/felony check.

Kristin Stilton, Boise