Letters to the Editor

Treharne letter: Double standard

I watched the Rosanne Barr incident with great interest. What she said in her tweet was totally unacceptable and I felt her fate was deserved. I would have forgotten it and never written this letter but for a similar incident concerning Samantha Bee and the TBS Network. She, on live TV, not Twitter, called the president’s daughter an expletive. Her network said apologize but took no other actions. Rosanne gets fired, Samantha doesn’t even get her hand slapped. That to me is the problem with our great country. A liberal can berate a conservative at will with no consequence, a conservative does the same thing and the the liberal news media goes crazy. If you liberals don’t see a double standard, and you probably won’t, it’s wake-up time. I notice the ACLU didn’t jump to Rosanne’s aid, but then again, she’s not a liberal. No wonder we’re divided.

John Treharne, Boise