Letters to the Editor

Marler letter: In-person visitation

No touching, no in-person visitation in Ada County Jail is cruel to families.

State prisons allow visitation and a hug. How is it that counties across the country and in our own fair city can keep the blinders on to the mental health damage that is inflicted on these human beings. It’s not just the inmates. My wonderful family is being kept from giving our daughter a simple hug for 18 months until she reaches the state prison system. I know many will say she should’ve thought of that before she did what she did. Say that after it’s your daughter or your son who becomes addicted to drugs and makes choices they never imagined themselves making. Drugs and alcohol have filled our prisons and jails. Countless families full of good people can positively impact someone on the inside who is ready to be rehabilitated. How does someone get better without a simple hug, never being reassured it’s worth it to try? Knowing good things still exist in this world and that people care and are worth caring about. We would all do well to remember a well-known prophet, priest and king’s admonition to love one another. I don’t remember hearing anyone being left out in that counsel.

Kyle Marler, Boise