Letters to the Editor

Decker letter: U of I, Staben

By mutual agreement President Chuck Staben and the State Board of Education have agreed to not renew Staben’s contract at the University of Idaho. That decision, for whatever reason, has been made, and he is to stay for the duration of his contract.

I personally like President Staben and applaud many of his policies. Now with the decision made, why ask him to stay on until his contract is complete? What will be accomplished? Yes, the state needs to honor its financial commitment to him, but why ask him to stay? Why not appoint an interim president and move on while a search is completed for a new leader?

Little can be accomplished in a situation like this. Any decisions he makes will be questioned, if made at all. Why not put an end to the uncertainty? Appoint an interim, perhaps even someone who could be a candidate. Do this while starting the executive search. Hopefully the board will do better in finding candidates willing to lead a land-grant university with broad reach throughout the state and beyond.

The students, the faculty and staff as well as the State of Idaho deserve better.

David G. Decker, Eagle