Letters to the Editor

Thompson letter: Faucher article

I have reread the article on Father Faucher now four times. Some people interviewed believe a random person hid 2,000 child porn images, some very violent toward children, on his home computer and his cellphone. Did this same person plant the illegal drugs in his home?

How do you define a pedophile? I believe part of the person being a pedophile is to “fit in”; they don’t walk around drooling when they see a young person. They do their job, regardless what it is.

How do the supporters of Faucher blatantly ignore those who report abuse? You and those like you are who make it so hard for victims to come forward and report abuse or rape. Especially within the Catholic Church. You will be the ones that continue to help the children feel afraid of getting into trouble. You have ignored the fact of those who reported their life struggles, due to this abuse, as insignificant and meaningless.

I hope the children who have been hurt by this man ignore your words and know that there are those who believe them, and in them, and applaud their bravery to come forward.

Ronda Thompson, Star