Letters to the Editor

Landers letter: America

Once a nation created of love now a division of hate. We see the loss of innocence so much and our cities have become fallen infrastructures, and to some children a war zone they cannot escape because the battlefield is now America. Our government has become bloated and wasteful, leaving many people homeless and without food, and the shelters overcrowded and our politicians filling their pockets with money while people go without. We see lobbyists and special interests ruling our elected officials and our nation. We see the increase in regulations and more laws that trample the rights of people and deny us the liberties bestowed upon us. Freedom seems to be fading away because more laws are being added, but enforce the ones we have because we once had the freedom to enjoy but that is disappearing because America is no longer what our forefathers fought and sacrificed their lives for. How sad that we once had quality in the products we built, but not anymore; instead we build a throwaway society. America is a troubled nation that is failing because we want to control people like cattle.

John Landers, Wilder