Letters to the Editor

Jones letter: Two parties

Republicans and Democrats have created an exclusive two-party governing dynasty. Voters eager to replace the chaotic Trump administration have no viable option beyond turning to candidates put forth by the Democratic Party. This isn’t an unusual predicament, as Will Rogers observed 100 years ago: “We’ve go to admit that each party is worse than the other. The one that’s out always looks the best.”

Changing again from Red to Blue jerseys accomplishes nothing if voters don’t elect leaders passionately committed to reforming the broken and corrupt political system that helped a dangerously unprepared candidate win the presidency.

Democrats could reduce political turmoil and restore governing civility by convincing VP Joe Biden to challenge Trump in 2020. He could quickly unite a divided country by persuading Republican Governor John Kasich of Ohio to put country ahead of party and become his running mate.

American history indicates that this political mixed marriage between two experienced, qualified and ethical public servants isn’t far-fetched. The Democratic Republican Party dominated American politics from 1801 to 1825 under Presidents Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and James Monroe. Today’s disenfranchised conservatives need a new home as their Republican Party has now become the America First Donald J. Trump Party.

Sandy Jones, Boise