Letters to the Editor

Maxwell letter: Donald Trump

Trump publicly claims he is evangelical and Christian. Eighty percent of evangelicals voted for him.

Evangelism is based on the gospel, which specifies just and respectful behavior when dealing with fellow humans. Humanitarians and many other religious folks maintain similar moral principles. They value honesty, love, joy and peace — not lies, hatred, violence, discord, chaos, dominance and subjugation.

The gospel teaches us to love one another, our enemies and our neighbors. Trump persistently debases people. He boasted about grabbing women by the p****. He even mocked a handicapped person.

The gospel reads, “Blessed are the poor. Thou can’t love both God and mammon. Sell what you have, and give to the poor.” Trump proposed drastically cutting the safety net funds of children and the poor, elderly, sick, handicapped and disabled. His tax “reforms” will plunder the middle class in the long run. He evidently strives to increase his own and his fellow rich folks’ wealth and power.

These examples are typical of Trump’s goals and habitual behavior. They result in gross violations of the gospel and betrayal of the freedom and justice of our democracy.

Jerry Maxwell, Boise