Letters to the Editor

Keyes letter: Star

In response to Susan Nieto’s letter, “Star growth”: We took public input at our Jan. 19 public hearing, where over 70 percent of the testimony did not oppose the Willowbrook annexation. We tabled the decision until May 1 to better plan and improve it.

Quality of life is addressed by obligating the developer to master plan the 32 parcels with the city instead of dealing with them a la carte. A master pathways plan is required with access to adjacent BLM land. Annexation requires the developer to bring in city services, not drill new wells for each home as allowed in unincorporated areas. The developer is obligated to donate 20 acres of land for two new elementary schools; one each in the West Ada and Middleton school districts. Donate land for a fire station. Donate land for a public safety (police) building.

New infrastructure never precedes development, it is developed and funded in parallel. There will be over $2.5 million in impact fees for fire protection and over $9 million for road construction, in addition to the roads the developer will build and improve.

I encourage Ms. Nieto to become informed about this project and involved in its planning.

Michael Keyes, Star councilman