Letters to the Editor

Hugon letter: Domestic violence

Robin Stone has resolved the crisis of domestic violence. Stone is the father of Ian Stone, who recently murdered his girlfriend. Stone was quoted in the Statesman as saying that his son was not abusive, and that “false domestic violence reports, used as a weapon, is [sic] also domestic violence against men.” The issue, then, isn’t the murder; it’s that she talked about the pre-mortem abuse.

As a nurse, I am very aware of how long it takes many women in abusive relationships to open up to anyone. There is an enormous level of shame and embarrassment involved. Women are uncertain they can support their children. Women are embarrassed to leave because they made vows. Women are afraid to leave because, statistically, that’s when abusive relationships become the most dangerous.

The real tragedy in this is not that Ian Stone was labeled an abusive man. The real tragedy is that Jaclyn Zabel is dead, and her children are left without a mother.

For help coping with or leaving domestic violence, contact the Women’s and Children’s Alliance at 208-343-3688. There are resources. There is help. I got my RN-BS with assistance from the Women’s Independence Scholarship Program wispinc.org.

Amy Elizabeth Hugon, BS, RN, Boise