Letters to the Editor

Goochey letter: Immigrant children

The more I read about immigrant children being detained, the more sick I feel.

As a mother, I cannot help but imagine my own children being held in such a center. For a parent to take the chance of crossing a border illegally with her children, the dangers must still be safer than whatever situation she is leaving behind. By tearing these families apart, we are causing irreparable harm to already vulnerable people.

When I read about an old Walmart building being used to “house” children that have been ripped from their parents, I can’t help but see images of the Jewish genocide. Is that the example we want to follow? Is that the type of country we want to be?

My elected officials, Senators James Risch and Mike Crapo and Representative Michael Simpson, are in positions of power. As their constituent, I expect them to use that power to protect these children.

I beg these officials to think about their own children and then about these children who are essentially in jail. Stand up and say that no to this inhumane practice. Find allies who will help stop this. Prove that they are worthy of their office.

Rachel Goochey, Boise