Letters to the Editor

Lowe letter: Nostalgia

Nostalgia can be harmful if it holds one’s attention in pain for a past that does not exist anymore. Even so, I must say, I will miss the casual and imperfect perfection of Camel’s Back Park when the “pristine” look of sidewalks arrives. There is something cold and ugly about concrete and asphalt; something inhumane to the eyes and heart of many of us. Too perfectly tidy and organized in copycat fashion are those parading, city sidewalks. Glaringly man-made and celebrated by many as progress, for me, they symbolize the loss of simplicity, honesty and gentleness of a more natural way of living that is so obviously missing in all aspects of our commercialized, computerized, socially, psychologically and statistically evaluated (efficiently?), copycat, wish-phished, pop-culture lives today.

Dottie Lowe, Boise