Letters to the Editor

Nations letter: Semantics

Semantics have become an invaluable tool for Dems. Remember “extremely careless” and “grossly negligent?” Then FBI director James Comey used the former term when he declared that no “reasonable prosecutor” would bring charges against Hillary Clinton for her use of an illegal private server for classified e-mails. By avoiding the term “grossly negligent,” the sine qua non for such cases in the national intelligence realm, Comey was able to end the “Clinton matter” — then attorney general Loretta Lynch’s feeble attempt at semantics. The infamous Steel Dossier, put together and funded by the Clinton campaign and the DNC with foreign sources was simply re-branded by Dems and the media as “opposition research.” “Salacious” went away, replaced by those two words. Now, the clandestine source used to surveil the Trump campaign is embraced as an informant rather than a spy (albeit paid by the FBI). This was a covert effort to infiltrate the Trump campaign, and not just to gain access to a single source, but the Dems always seek the most benign phraseology to suit their means. Then, the phraseology is passed on en-masse to their political pundits, and far left media.

Charlie Nations, Eagle