Letters to the Editor

Fuller letter: Medicine

The campaign to persecute the Followers of Christ parents for not using mainstream medicine is not about protecting children. It is about protecting the humanists’ agenda — particularly the financial interests of Big Pharma medicine.

How many guest opinions supporting the Followers has the Statesman allowed?

On August 17, 2016, New York bioethicist Jacob Appel was allowed a guest opinion weighing in on the Followers issue — and mistakenly painted the “cardiac defect” patient as from the Followers. Wrong. Appel also supports the legalization of incest and bestiality.

On April 22, 2018, there was a guest opinion by Carolyn Bridges against the Followers which said Bridges is a retired public health physician and a full-time mom. How come neither Bridges nor the Statesman revealed that Bridges was a CDC doctor pushing vaccines?

Robert Kennedy Jr., President Kennedy’s nephew, has called the CDC “a cesspool of corruption” and “a snake pit of Big Pharma lies.”

Del Bigtree’s presentation at the October 2017 Orlando “The Truth About Cancer” conference, underscored that America has the highest first-day-of-life infant mortality rate of industrialized countries (available online), also mentioning this when in Boise.

It is revealing that those wanting to persecute the Followers show no concern for the many children killed/maimed by mainstream medicine.

Violet Fuller, Nampa