Letters to the Editor

Weedon letter: In memory of a memorial

I loved to walk on a path in Kristin Armstrong Municipal Park. There was a quietly beautiful spot along the path with an old log bench to sit and relax to the sound of the rushing river. Beside the bench was a large rock with a plaque carrying a short poem in memory of someone’s loved one. The poem was, as I remember it, “We walk amid your silent footsteps. Now sunshine dries our tears.” Behind the bench and memorial stone were two crabapple trees, blooming beautifully in the spring. Then came the flood and this year, in high water, I saw the area was fenced off. The river was undercutting the bank. Slowly I watched, as over the next few weeks the rock and then the bench slid into the river. Now the trees stand alone on the edge of the undercut. Soon they will follow. Sorry to see them go.

Cheryl Weedon, Boise