Letters to the Editor

Ford letter: School shootings

Have you noticed all the school shootings have taken place at public not private schools? Even the colleges, I believe were all public colleges. Could that be the result of excluding G-d from public schools? We’ve allowed people misinterpreting the First Amendment:

“... Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ...” to exclude G-d. First of all, a school is not Congress, nor does it make law. Mentioning G-d does not constitute establishing religion, anyway. It merely reflects what probably the majority of parents who send their kids to school are teaching their kids; and those parents pay school taxes just as much as parents who object to mentioning G-d. Any kids whose parents are teaching them progressive ideas instead are free to ignore any reference to G-d. Calling for excluding G-d is ignoring the First Amendment’s second clause “... prohibiting the free exercise thereof ....” And, again, a school is not Congress, and is not making law.

Look back before 1963 when the Supreme Court found prayer in school to be “unconstitutional” (so much for the reliability of opinions of the Supreme Court). How many school shootings were there then? Were there any?

Darryl Ford, Caldwell