Letters to the Editor

Fugate letter: Alta Mesa

In regard to Keith Ridler’s AP story on Alta Mesa: Since 1963 Idaho statute has mandated all operators keep records going back five years and produce records upon demand by the state. During the 2017 Legislature, Citizens Allied for Integrity and Accountability (CAIA), was instrumental in passing H301, making detailed monthly reporting of hydrocarbon production mandatory. However, IOGCC Administrator Mick Thomas revealed at a recent meeting that they have spent 15 months attempting to draft a “reporting form” with Alta Mesa. So 15 months after passing the new law we are still allowing this company, which has been nailed for fraud and theft of royalties for millions of dollars in other states, to dictate our regulations here and sidestep turning over those reports.

Idaho taxpayers are financing this fiasco at $625,000 annually, mostly from our general fund. Most concerning, we are totally dependent upon the honesty and integrity of this one regulator and a highly questionable operator to report honestly on the royalties and taxes owed to citizens.

Please join us at CAIA’s fundraising event on June 30 and help us hold this industry accountable. Buy your tickets and attend.

Julie Fugate, Fruitland