Letters to the Editor

Knight letter: Differences

Trump’s own doctor was on TV and said that Trump wrote up what he wanted him to say about Trump’s health. It was a lie and that is fraud. How can you respect yourself and your party when you allow him to disgrace our country? He is so embarrassing.

He has intensified racism in our country. When he takes the children away from their parents, that is kidnapping. What else are you going to allow him to get away with?

I respect the football players who found a safe way to make a point about a problem. They didn’t run the streets shooting people. Stick up for them with the same anger you would have condemned them with.

How boring would it be if everything was the same? Every cat, dog, bird, fish. Every person. If we only had one color in our crayon box. Every tree, every flower. Imagine.

All of these differences are a gift. Thank God for them and treat them with respect. If they act as if they have been treated badly, show them the difference.

Judy Knight, Boise