Letters to the Editor

Lucier letter: Donald Trump

I am unsure if I can continue to call myself a Republican and American any longer. I am frustrated by inaction of elected representatives.

Trump blatantly lies to us about important issues like tax reform, support for gun control, and DACA; to minor issues like the content of Kim-Jung Un’s letter before he had even read it.

Trump has appointed Cabinet secretaries who are the subject of ethics investigations, one spending $1 million on private travel using government aircraft and first-class commercial travel with his spouse; and, two that are totally ineffective at HUD and Education. And Pruitt with construction of a “secure” phone room, and $30,000+ dining room furniture.

Trump has unilaterally taken us out of the Paris global warming accord, the Iran nuclear agreement, and threatens to cancel NAFTA.

Trump threatens stability of the G7, suggesting Russia be included despite overwhelming evidence that Putin was behind the meddling in our 2016 elections and many in other democratic countries. It is time for Congress to speak up and to act. Do not continue to allow Trump to act as a dictator. Restore our democracy that I fought in the military for. Stand up by being Americans and Republicans.

Peter Lucier, Boise