Letters to the Editor

Jacobsen letter: Russ Fulcher, and health care

The item in the May 25 issue on Russ Fulcher’s medical status has me seeing red. When an “average” person crashes a motorcycle and breaks ribs, they get taped up in the emergency room. “Average” folks may get one night in the hospital after surgery. But our politicians are coddled unbelievably. More than a week in the hospital after what would, for most people, be considered a minor accident and surgery on his broken ribs to “help expedite the healing process”? You have to be kidding me.

These are the same people who refuse to expand Medicaid or do anything meaningful to help those in the coverage gap. The same people who advocate selling inferior plans with substandard coverage to “make insurance more affordable.” Who want to repeal the protections ensured by the Affordable Care Act when they obviously have coverage far more generous than any of the rest of us.

Russ Fulcher — and all the rest of you stingy Republicans — should be ashamed.

Louise Jacobsen, Boise