Letters to the Editor

Worth letter: Nuclear waste

Immigration, public lands and taxes dominate the political discourse today, but our next governor and attorney general have a responsibility that is equally, if not more, important than these headline-grabbing issues — the responsibility to stop the federal government from bringing huge amounts of nuclear waste to Idaho in violation of the agreement Governor Batt signed in 1995. The problems with long-term (possibly permanent) storage of nuclear waste in Eastern Idaho seem to be forgotten. Everyone, including new residents (myself included), needs to wake up and stop Idaho from becoming a nuclear waste dump. The next governor and attorney general must uphold the 1995 nuclear waste agreement, negotiated and signed by former Republican Governor Phil Batt with the Department of Energy to limit the amount of nuclear waste each year to only that which can be processed in one year. Attorney General Wasden deserves significant credit for upholding the 1995 agreement. I’ll be supporting candidates who will uphold the agreement. Learn more at www.dontwasteidaho.com.

Chad Worth, Boise