Letters to the Editor

Beauchamp letter: Trump, FBI

A recent YouGov poll found that 61 percent of Republicans believe the FBI is “framing” Donald Trump. Seriously? Framing? To date, Mueller’s investigation has made 23 indictments including: 13 Russian nationals, three Russian companies, Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort, as well as three other members of Trump’s team (Papadopoulus, Flynn and Gates) and identity thief Richard Pinedo, who have all pleaded guilty and are cooperating with Mueller. Russian-oligarch-connected Alex van der Zwaan also pleaded guilty and is now serving his sentence. Every indictment concerned connections between Putin allies and Trump allies who previously lied about the contacts. Add the recent discoveries of influence peddling by Michael Cohen and his contacts with Russian oligarchs involving illicit financial transactions, and Mueller has a mountain of evidence related to money laundering, conspiracy and “pay-for-play.” That’s a boatload of indictments and criminals admitting guilt to be labeling it “framing.”

Meanwhile, it’s Trump and his congressional hitmen, Devin Nunes, Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan and Trey Gowdy, who are attempting to “frame” the FBI and Rod Rosenstein for doing their jobs. Shame on them, the Trump administration and the GOP leadership for their unprecedented and disgusting abuse of power and obstruction of justice.

Tex Beauchamp, Meridian