Letters to the Editor

Quick letter: Education

Robert Huntley’s lawsuit regarding the charging of student fees by public schools brings to mind timely and insightful quotes of Revolutionary War hero General Francis Marion (the “Swamp Fox”). The character portrayed by Mel Gibson in “The Patriot” was based upon Marion. Marion proclaimed:

“Men will always fight for their government according to their sense of its value. To value it aright, they must understand it. This they cannot do, without education. And as a large part of the citizens are poor, and can never attain that inestimable blessing without the aid of government, it is plainly the first duty of government to bestow it freely upon them. The more perfect the government, the greater the duty to make it well known.

“The best government on earth, if not duly known and prized, may be subverted. Ambitious demagogues will rise, and the people through ignorance and love of change, will follow them.

“Men were created to be happy; that to be happy they must have virtue; that virtue is not to be attained without knowledge, nor knowledge without instruction, nor public instruction without free schools, nor free schools without legislative order.”

Idaho’s Constitution embraces these thoughts.

Jerry Quick, Boise