Letters to the Editor

Minard letter: Guns

A reply to Odos Lowery’s letter.

I am not a combat veteran, but I did do three eight-month tours on a destroyer running plane guard for carriers off the coast of Vietnam picking up downed pilots. My youngest brother was on the ground in Vietnam. He died not from enemy bullets, but from the chemicals our own government dumped on him.

On the subject of horrific wounds (to date) I have shot and butchered over 100 head of big game with 23 different cartridges. Mostly in guns I built. So I think I know about wounds. As a gunsmith I have tested hundreds of different weapons and their cartridges.

On the subject of young adults with minds of their own. I believe it is usually young adult monsters killing their classmates.

Once the anti-gun bunch gets an assault weapon ban, they can add muzzleloaders, shotguns, pistols, etc., because these have been used in wars.

I agree with him that the rich elite control America.

Thank you for your service, Mr. Lowery. Some of my best friends are Lowerys.

Walter Minard, Nampa