Letters to the Editor

Walker letter: Don’t burn

I remember raking our leaves to the curb and setting them on fire. Who knew, all that smoke wasn’t all that great; and it was stopped about — oh, maybe — 50 years ago. About the same time, it was decided all the garbage hauled to the county dump shouldn’t be burned. Who remembers smudge pots?

Yet today, in about every big box store, you can buy a fire pit. Really? Have the numbers of people suffering allergies, COPD, asthma, lung cancer declined to such a point that we can justify roasting our marshmallows over a pile of leaves and branches? Just about the time it cools off enough to open the windows and go outside for the evening breeze, the smoke starts rolling. Last summer, during those terrible forest fires that blanketed the valley, people were posting their fire pit adventures on Facebook.

Have you noticed they are available in natural gas? Please think of others.

Mary Walker, Boise