Letters to the Editor

Wright letter: Status quo

We seem to be doomed to run the “status quo” right up to the edge of the cliff ... and then leap off. The fiscal implosion is now inevitable with Trump signing the last $1.3 trillion “omnibus” bill, guaranteeing multitrillion-dollar deficits as far as the eye can see.

With Ahlquist as spoiler, Little was guaranteed to sneak by into the general. The only good thing out of this election was Janice McGeachin defeating Yates, the Cheney clone. The rest of the state House and Senate continue their creep toward ignominy as we near fiscal bankruptcy of the feds and the states to follow.

And poor Paulette Jordan. She’ll be left standing there like the prom queen with no dress and her date driving up on his scooter like something out of “Napoleon Dynamite.”

Congratulations, Idaho. The status quo was maintained or worse, although a turn to the Dems would’ve certainly driven us off the cliff like Thelma and Louise, instead of like the Republican coyote, just waiting to look down.

Jeff Wright, Lowman