Letters to the Editor

Watts letter: Inconsiderate teens

To the high schoolers who frequent the Cole/Ustick/Northview/Fairview area.

You seem to enjoy your sudden screaming or car door banging as you pass bicyclists. You probably like watching them jump. You certainly think it’s funny.

But I want you to know that you have caused someone I love to wreck her bike more than once. Maybe you even know this already, if you ever look in your rear-view mirror after your antics.

My little sister is a disabled veteran who served her country for 20 years (i.e. — helped keep your selfish butt safe), and we are just thankful that she can ride a bike at all.

Getting your kicks by causing people fear or pain is not humor. It is immature and cruel. You will get further in life if you start practicing a little kindness in your everyday travels. Parents of kids who travel this route, please show them this letter.

Carolyn Watts, Boise