Letters to the Editor

Howard letter: Free will

Being raised a Christian, I was taught to respect “the sanctity of life.” Being raised a proud American citizen (and fourth-generation Idahoan), I was taught to respect “the sanctity of free will.” Contrary to partisan politics that seeks to separate and exploit these two issues by disregarding one in favor of the other, democracy can (and must) make room for both.

Fourteen years ago, our unwed 19-year-old daughter became pregnant. Being raised by parents who nurtured both sanctity of life and sanctity of free will, she decided to keep and raise the baby. Had she decided otherwise, we would have supported any informed decision. We’re so proud, but not surprised that she made the best choice (her freedom of choice was purchased with the blood of countless American soldiers shed on battlefields worldwide).

Sanctity of life is something you nurture in the home and church. What kind of government would presume to force their will upon someone’s pregnant wife or daughter? The Chinese communist government has been forcing women to terminate pregnancies to stem overpopulation for over 50 years. Now we have so-called pro-life politicians attempting to force a similar government mandate upon pregnant American women.

Michael Howard, Boise