Letters to the Editor

Blevins letter: Trump

I’m writing this letter in reference to the letter under the heading “Questions for Republicans.” I will admit that Trump is not a perfect person. But who of us is a perfect person? There was only one perfect person. When we voted, we didn’t really know a lot about Trump but we knew Hillary Clinton.

Trump has given us a strong economy, rising stock market, much-improved unemployment numbers especially for minorities, respect from our allies and enemies, caused our allies to pay more financial support for NATO who were not paying the amount committed, withdrawal from the Paris Accord, withdrawal from the disastrous Obama Iran Deal not passed by Congress, moved our embassy to Jerusalem as promised by three previous administrations, is seeking a merit-based immigration policy, a remote potential for possible peace between North and South Korea and ourselves. Promised kept, etc.

To all Trump complainers, I suggest you look closely at the alternative we were given — Hillary Clinton. I’ll go for Trump every time.

Jack Blevins, Boise