Letters to the Editor

Dodd letter: School shooting

Last month it was time to send our thoughts and prayers to the families of dead children again. Time to sit on our thumbs, pay our NRA dues, put stupid decals on our vehicle and go on with our life until the next mass killing. Maybe you can even rationalize being complacent because only nine kids are dead (and a teacher).

Come on, people. What if it was your child, your grandchild, or your neighbors or your co-workers. Would you still fly your NRA flag the next day? Would you be satisfied with doing nothing? I hope not.

Soon anyone will be able to go the gun shows at the Fairgrounds and buy any gun from an unlicensed seller. No background check required. Your school, your child, could be next. This is not a D or a R problem. It is a problem for every one of us. It’s election year and we have a chance to do something. Sensible gun legislation is on the table, and to get my vote, every candidate better be supporting a reasonable agenda. Do something to stop this continuing tragedy.

James Dodd, Boise