Letters to the Editor

Dewey letter: Democrats of today

It is interesting that the Democrats of today claim that great Republicans of yesterday were really Democrats. They especially like to claim the founder of the Republican Party, Lincoln, as one of their own while stating that previous Democrats such as the slave owners, the KKK, promoters of the Jim Crow laws, those against the woman’s suffrage and Dixiecrats were really Republicans.

They do not want to face the truth is that the thread of difference that runs through the two parties through the ages has been the emphasis on individual freedom. During the Civil War it was the Republicans who supported freedom for the slaves. Afterward, they were against the KKK, the Jim Crow Laws but supported the woman’s right to vote. During the Eisenhower administration they introduced civil rights legislation, which was defeated by Democrats, and when LBJ led the parade, the Republicans helped pass it even though they didn’t get any credit.

Today the difference is still the same. True Republicans take the side of individual freedom whereas the Democrats do not trust the people and seek to suffocate them ... with excessive rules, regulations, taxes and politically correct speech.

Joseph Dewey, Boise