Letters to the Editor

Ehrnstein letter: Donald Trump

In one short year the U.S. has morphed away from the rule of law. We have a wannabe dictator as president, doing everything in his power to dismantle democracy. Our Constitution calls for three separate branches of government: executive, judicial and legislative. Each is separate, one cannot dictate to the other. Trump is demanding the judiciary and legislative reinvestigate political rivals and those who displease him, something he has no right to do. The frightening thing is the judiciary and legislative are doing his bidding. The House whitewashed an investigation into Trump’s collusion with Russia without doing any real investigating. His ego is such that all must kowtow to him or risk his murderous tantrums. The separation of powers has become blurred. Trump lies and Fox TV swears to it, family members are placed in government positions. News organizations are attacked when they report facts, not his opinions and lies. People are detained by ICE if speaking Spanish. Bigotry and hate are the new norm. You are a suspect if you are not caucasian. Will I be detained by ICE if I speak French, Yiddish or Italian? Is anyone else afraid?

Joan Ehrnstein, Meridian