Letters to the Editor

Bradley letter: Donald Trump

All of you who voted for and continue to support this unfit individual as president must be really proud. This clown is overseeing probably the most corrupt administration ever. He is narcissistic, bullying, lying and barely literate. He is destroying the presidency. Already at risk are the rule of law, the Justice Department, the FBI and the environment. The State Department has been gutted, diplomacy is a dirty word, our allies are ignored and are abandoning us. He has broken every agreement on the premise that they are bad agreements and only he can negotiate a good deal. Haven’t seen anything yet except threatening trade wars, worshiping dictators, and screwing up everything he touches. He doesn’t read or listen to experts. He knows nothing about anything. His great tax cut made tens of millions for him and his family. Sheldon Adelson received a $600 million tax cut this year. How did you do? Maybe enough to pay for your higher health insurance premium or your more expensive gas? It’s already a disaster and will get worse with people like McConnell, Ryan, Risch, Crapo, Labrador, all of whom have no backbones or courage. Thanks a lot.

Monroe Bradley, Boise