Letters to the Editor

Mihm letter: IHSAA Board

My first reaction to the article concerning the IHSAA Board of Directors’ rejection of the appeal of a student-athlete to participate in the 100-meter race at the 4A level was “shame on you,” board of directors. What a travesty and disappointment this must have been for the young man, and what could have led to such a decision? With zero knowledge of the situation or the IDHSAA, I logged on and read their mission statement. It seemed rather short-sided, brief and lacked personal concern for student development and their future growth. Then I noticed the board was made up of 12 males and only 3 females. Coincidentally the denial was 13-2. Who were the compassionate 2? Based on the affected rules for this situation, I found them to be convoluted, confusing and contradictory, but I am not a lawyer. The explanation offered by a member of the board was nothing more than a “whitewash” of the decision and reasoning, with no factual supporting evidence. So a double-shame on you.

Robert Mihm, Meridian