Letters to the Editor

Manning letter: Recycling

Our orange recycle bags arrived with instructions. We are to place only “acceptable” items which are “clean and dry” plastic containers is the best of the hit list, and only if they have the proper container number. Pudding cups, soup containers, frozen dinner containers and sour cream tubs must be run through my dishwasher before discarding? How many clean and dry pudding cups do you toss? Not my family. They aren’t done with us yet ... must also determine if it is acceptable by number. Family dumpster diving as a new group activity?

Consumers did not create the problem; we accepted the packaging as presented to us. Solution. Ban all plastic food containers and ban plastic shopping bags. We are a creative country. Replace these containers with biodegradable paper/wax containers. Plastic is killing ocean species and clogging our landfills. Using metered water for washing/sorting trash is not a solution.

I don’t know about the rest of Boise, but I don’t object to sorting my garbage, but washing my garbage is beyond the pale. We are at the point of ridiculous. Please tell me this is a joke out of Dr. Seuss or just a bad dream. You can’t be serious.

Lyra Manning, Boise