Letters to the Editor

Dahlgren letter: Wolves

Have we lost sight on wildlife? I recently read an article in the Idaho Statesmen reporting how wolves only cost this state and its ranchers money. We as citizens are paying tax dollars in order to keep wolf populations “under control.” Yet, no one blinks an eye at the fact that many of these so-called wolf attacks on livestock take place on public lands where farmers let their cattle openly graze. Our tax dollars are also being used to upkeep these lands, and ranchers are openly exploiting the entire state in order to put money in their own pocket. We miss the actual problem at hand, ranchers are the ones that have the only incentive to get rid of wolves in Idaho. Hunters cannot be saying that elk populations are down because of wolves when they are responsible for record-setting harvests year after year. Maybe, just maybe, if we took the time to look at the science behind what wolves offer to an ecosystem and base our Legislature on science rather than the economic gain of man, we would then be able to see that the true problem lies in the mindset of ranchers in Idaho.

Gareth Dahlgren, Boise