Letters to the Editor

Bastian letter: Education

We are a nation at risk. Thirty years ago America was the world leader in the quantity and quality of high school diplomas. Today, America ranks 36th. About 1.3 million high school students don’t graduate on time in Nevada, New Mexico, Georgia and South Carolina. The high school graduation rates in these states are less than 60 percent. Only one in four high school students in America are college-ready in the four major core subjects.

In addition, there is a steep decline in teacher morale. Interest in teaching has taken a nose dive. Only 5 percent of high school students who took the ACT expressed any interest in majoring in teacher education. Enrollment in teacher education has dropped 53 percent in California.

There is also high teacher turnover and low teacher morale in our public schools. One-half of America’s classroom teachers leave the teaching profession after just five years of service.

We are struggling in our efforts to revitalize America’s schools. When our homes fail, our schools fail. Most dropout rates can be traced to failure in the home.

Morris Bastian, Boise