Letters to the Editor

Whitmore letter: Hypocritical Christians

Bill is a good friend. He is also a good, Christian man. So I asked Bill why didn’t he join a church and enjoy some fellowship? He answered that he would never join a Mormon or evangelical church. Since I attend one of these churches, I wanted to know why. Bill says that in large part they voted for a man who does not keep God’s commandments. I asked him to be more precise. He feels that the only commandment Trump keeps is the fourth. His father was arrested at a KKK demonstration in New York, and like his father, Trump is a racist. Bill says American churches are losing members because some preach hate, some vote for people who take away medical insurance, or even food for the hungry. They do these things while giving the richest among us trillions. Bill points out that in the book of Revelations it says there will be a falling away in the end time. He says some Christians and God will not put up with the hypocrites who condone so many unchristian choices.

Vic Whitmore, Boise