Letters to the Editor

Numbers letter: Tax reform

Idaho Statesman article, May 1: The 6 GOP candidates spar in congressional debate. Quote: “All of the candidates defended the federal tax reform bill signed into law last year by Trump, saying that they were hopeful the cuts would lead to more economic growth and not increase the national debt.” Hopeful? Really? That’s the kind of wishy-washy Republican thinking that has led to our nation’s current trillions-dollar-plus debt crisis. OK. In that case, I am “hopeful” that my fellow Idahoans will finally elect a fiscally responsible Democratic congressional candidate and an equally responsible Democratic gubernatorial candidate who will work long and hard to actually lift our beautiful state out of the extremely embarrassing category of being 48th or 49th in the nation for an entire range of sadly neglected social categories. Adequately funding statewide public education and our hardworking teachers and professors at all levels would be a good start.

Joe Numbers, Boise