Letters to the Editor

Weitz letter: Dyslexics and self-educated

American education shorts gifted dyslexics and the self-educated. Standardized SAT/ACT tests serve as gatekeepers to college, graduate and medical/dental schools.

About 20 percent of the population is dyslexic. Without accommodation dyslexics are poor test performers. Many dyslexics know the correct answers but can’t finish a timed test. Dyslexics are merely slow readers. Many are ingenious. One finds skilled noncollege masterminds throughout European corporate board rooms.

John Sperling (U. of Phoenix), Alexander Graham Bell, Anderson Cooper, Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso, Anthony Hopkins, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, Cher, Leonardo Da Vinci and Steve Jobs are known dyslexics.

Advanced economies have not recognized dyslexic potential, but have accommodated by extensive skilled education. Why not game the costly U.S. education, accommodate dyslexics, self-educated college dropouts (Bill Gates), and crush the rest of the world in innovation?

Wall Street Journal’s “More Companies Teach Workers What College’s Don’t” (March 22), Pullman’s Dr. Edmond Schweitzer said, “If Thomas Edison walked through the door today, would we turn him away because we don’t have a job opening for an inventor?” Thomas Edison was self-educated.

Certainly traditional delivery of college works for many. Why not also accommodate the dyslectic and the self-educated college dropouts?

Gerald E. Weitz, D.D.S., Viola