Letters to the Editor

Gardner letter: Thank you

We want to personally thank the community for contributing to the Education Foundation of the West Ada School District. Your support creates the opportunity for students to fulfill their dreams. You are not only investing in their education today, but you are expanding their options for success tomorrow.

The foundation was formed in 1987 to help teachers fund innovative ideas for their classrooms. As our district has grown to just over 39,000 students, so have the needs of those students. Because of your generosity, we have a fund for basic needs of students and we help pay for innovative classroom tools.

Your commitment to improving educational opportunities for West Ada students helps build a stronger foundation for student success. We are so grateful.

As a volunteer board we are very proud of the community we live in. Thank you for supporting students in West Ada. For more information: https://www.westada.org/educationfoundation.

Britteny Gardner and the West Ada Education Foundation Board, Meridian