Letters to the Editor

Hull letter: Racism

In Trump World, whenever decent citizens express outrage at the racism of an individual or company, the knuckle-draggers in Trump World accuse either the victims of the racism or the people who express outrage as playing the “race card,” or better yet, of being “politically correct.” The letter by Molly Stafford concerning the two black men arrested at a Starbucks is a prime example. What Molly conveniently left out of her letter was the fact that a white woman who was present during the incident told police that though she hadn’t purchased anything, she was not asked to leave. Another comment in Stafford’s letter is that the two men did not cooperate with police. No matter what your source at Fox Noise told you, Molly, they certainly did cooperate. Stafford has no idea what it is like to be black in Trump’s America, and worse yet, she probably doesn’t care, which is worse than ignorance. Like it or not, by 2050 this country, despite Trump’s campaign to Keep America White, will be a majority of people of color. When that time arrives, people like Molly had better hope that those in the majority treat us better than we’ve treated them since this country’s founding.

Keith Hull, Garden Valley